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     Starting from the 33rd alumni association of Yonsei University's 

Department of Chemical and Biotechnology

Hello, my respectable alumni of Yonsei University, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular engineering.


I am Park Hae Kyung(82),  the 33rd president of the 33rd alumni association which was newly launched on June 25th.


First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the seniors and juniors who led the alumni association to maintain and develop well.


In fact, our alumni association has been leading a year with the dedication of many affectionate people, but it has come to a dangerous situation due to its poor participation, so it is time for a big change in the identity and financial aspect of the meeting.


Therefore, this year, we will reform in accordance with the trend of the times and become a real alumni association.


I would like to change with the following three principles so that a new alumni association can be reborn with 16 alumni executives.



Alumni associations should be a chemical plant that produces pleasure. The conditions of the rich are insufficient with enough time and enough money. We need a friend who can make happy memories with time and money together. Our alumni association wants to make a mutual exchange between the seniors through the alumni association by using the small time and the precious dues of various alumni. I want to be reborn as a chemical plant that makes me happy and happy memories of meeting itself. Of course, the catalyst for the fever reaction is the 33rd executive team.



I think that each group of people should be activated in order for the reunion to be good, and I will contact and interact closely with each group. In particular, I would like to make the senior people that have been reunited for the 25th anniversary become the main axis of the alumni association.



We want to raise and use alumni dues through reasonable and practical operation. In the past, the alumni chairman has been operating a year with a great burden, but in the future, I will take the dues to meet the basic financial resources and reorganize the lifetime dues and development funds. In addition, we will review the implementation of alumni dues at the origin of the New Year's Day party, regular general meeting, etc., and the support of clubs.


Alumni of Yonsei University, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular engineering!


I think true happiness is in learning and sharing.


We all have learned through Yonsei and are proud to have contributed to creating a great added value in society. We now think that small sharing is a matter of course under the name of Yonsei University alumni association.


Please change your mind a little.


Do not you want the alumni association to connect with the seniors and juniors who have just graduated and came to society?


As a result, the new alumni association is a small eagle living in your heart. I would like to ask for your great interest and encouragement.


Thank you.




In August 2018,


The 33rd President of the Alumni Association of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biomolecular Engineering, Yonsei University


Park Hae Kyung






[Execution staff]


Chairman Park      Hae-kyung 33, 82

Vice Chairman      Jeong Chan-hwa 35, 84

Vice Chairman      Lee Jong-hyuk 36, 85

Auditor      Kwon Hyung-jin 37, 86

General Affairs Director      Kim Hyung-kook 38, 87

Planning Director      Kim Sung-ho 38, 87

Financial Director      Jin Dong-eun 39, 88

Vice General Affairs Director      Lee Duk-yeon 40, 89

Director of the Organization      Kim Tae-won 40, 89

Vice Financial Director      Go Dae-ho 41, 90

Director of Operation      Park Gil-chae 41, 90

Director of Operation      Park Jong-sun 42, 91

Director of Operation      Kim Jong Hak 43, 92

School General Director      Park Jong Hyuk 46, 95

Advisor      Kim Bang-hee 30, 79

Advisor      Lee Hu-kyun 31, 80