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Research Equipment & Facilities Guidance

A. Establishment of Laboratory / Research Support Facilities

B. Status of Laboratory / Research Support Facilities

1. Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Research Support Facilities

연구지원 시설

Established in 1990, Research Support Facilities, the materials characterization lab, is located in the Engineering Hall 1 351, and is actively supporting research based on the theory of device analysis and analysis of practical materials. The main research equipment for analyzing is TEM (JEM 2010), FE-SEM, SEM, AFM, GC-MSD, Reometer/Viscometer, Laser Particle Analyzer System. FT-IR/ATR, Ion Chromatograph, UV.

2. Current Status

  • 1) Equipment management and operations
  • 2) Equipment purchase and repair
  • 3) Support in materials characterization
      - Analysis of inorganics: Identification of the structures, Qualitative and quantitative analysis
      - Analysis of organics: Identification of the structures, Qualitative and quantitative analysis
      - Analysis of surface and physical properties: Surface and physical properties analysis of materials
  • 4) Consulting
    - Regular training for research equipment and supporting equipment according to analysis of specific components, etc.

3. Information on device use

  • 1) If you want to ask if it is possible to use equipment for measurement • analysis or make an appointment:
  •     Call 02-2123-2740, Engineering Hall 1, 351
  • 2) For expensive research equipment, fill out an application form for the device and use it.
  • 3) Materials Characterization Lab  
      ① The user shall inquire and schedule the date of use, samples, and fees.
      ② Fill in the application form
      ③ If confirmed, check the instrument condition before use.
  •   ④ Record the device usage after use of the device. Notice of payment will be issued later.
  • 4) Record the device usage
      (External users pay their usage fees when analysis is finished)
  • 5) Procedure for use of GC/MSD
      Reservation ▷ Sample reception ▷ Sample analysis ▷ Charge rent ▷ Payment of expenses (issue of bill)

4. Equipment

  name quantity purpose
1 FE-SEM 1 Analysis of ultra-precision high-resolution surfaces
2 SEM 1 Surface analysis in specimens
3 GC-MSD 2 Qualitative and quantitative analysis by mass
4 RHEOMETER (RHEOSTRESS-1) 2 Analyze the viscosity of a specimen
5 FT-IR SPECTROSCOPY 1 Measure absorbance and transmittance
6 AFM (ATOMIC FORCE MICROSCOPE) 1 Atomic analysis of nanoparticles
7 PSA(PARTICLE SIZE ANALYZER) 1 Analyze sample volume
8 GAS CHROMATOGRAPH 1 Quantitative analysis in gas
9 TLC(THIN LAYER CHROMATOGRAPH) 1 Inorganic analysis
10 ION CHROMATOGRAPH 1 Quantitative and qualitative analysis of anions and cations
11 UV-VIS 2 Measure absorbance and transmittance
12 SEVERS EXTRUSION RHEOMETER(VISCOMETER) 1 Analysis of rheology and viscosity characteristics
13 GOLD & CARBON COATER 2 Sample pretreatment (surface analysis)
14 O'S COATER 1 Sample pretreatment (surface analysis)
15 Impedance meter 1 Electrochemical measuring device
16 AUTO Titrator PH/CON. 1 PH and ION, measure electrical conductivity


1 Production of high purity of water 
19 OPTICAL MICROSCOPE 2 Surface analysis
20 TEM(JEM2010) 1 Structural analysis using an electron microscope
21 GC 2 Sample separation on gas
22 etc