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  • ▶ BRL Basic Research

  • Business manager: Prof.Jonhak Kim,


    The research center was established with the support of the Ministry of Science, ICP and Future Planning, and aims to secure core technology for self-assembling air corporator complex for earthquake adaptation. Using the alignment of nano-structure patterns of self-assembling air corporator, the center developed polymeric affinitive, multi-dimensional methorizometry, and intelligent complex for earthquake prevention.






    1. ▶ CCUS Advanced track for policy-related hybrid technology

    Business manager: Prof.Sang-Yup, Lee


    This project is a human resources development project based on research on the collection, storage and recycling of carbon dioxide (CCUS) technology for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, a global trend in response to climate change and the goal is to foster advanced R&D personnel with combined knowledge in connection with CCUS technology development, policy and economic assessment. The project consists of fostering human resources through education and research. Based on compulsory subjects, common intensive subjects, and advanced courses based on academic curriculum, the commission aims to foster quality human resources by inviting many experts, activating company-linked education, and hosting knowledge sharing.   




    1. ▶ Next-generation convergence energy meterials research center

    Business manager: Prof.Chang-Ha Lee,


    This new convergence energy material specialized center develops eco-friendly non-militarization technology of energy conversion material design, multi-function energy structure, and life-age ammunition through a combination of expertise in military, industry, university, and research fields. Furthermore, the goal is to secure the original technology needed in the development of equipment and weapon systems for national defense such as artillery shells, warheads and precision guided weapons. 






      • ▶ Development of 3D EHD printable electrode and electrolyte for all-solid-state supercapacitor with high energy and power density

      • Business manager:  Prof.Kim, Hansung, / Prof.Kim, Jong Hak,

      • This research project aims to develop the electrode materials and solid electrolytes for supercapacitors with high energy and power density. Specifically, through the structure and composition optimization of electrode materials and the strenght improvement of solid electrolyte ionic conductivity it will be possible to maximize the performance of solid super capacitor. Finally, we will implement high energy and power density solid super capacitor by applying curved sturcture of electrode and electrolyte materials utilizing direct 3D printing method.