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Korean Language & Culture Education Major




Korean Language & Culture Education Major


Educating Korean language education experts to spread the Korean language and culture around the world.


1. Major’s Name and Degree Awarded

Major's Name: Korean Language & Culture Education Major

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Arts


2. Major’s Vision

Training Korean language education experts who will contribute to spreading the Korean language and culture around the world (acquiring a national certificate).

Fostering professional talent with cross-cultural communication skills required by multicultural societies in this era of internationalization.

Developing talented individuals who will contribute to the maintenance of diversity in a global culture, based on the understanding of the unique and universal aspects of Korean culture.

Training global language and culture experts who can enter diverse fields such as educational content development and translation.


3. Outline of Major

The Korean Language & Culture Education Major aims to foster experts and educators by developing the potential of students who can communicate in foreign languages to spread the Korean language and culture worldwide. Accordingly, the curriculum is organized in a way that students will obtain a Korean teacher's certificate, which is a national certificate, and the curriculum is adapted to Korean language education, general linguistics, Korean language education, and second language teaching methods. Through this, we intend to produce professional educators possessing both theoretical knowledge and practical skills for Korean language and culture education.


4. Career Paths After Graduation

Korean language education institutions at domestic and foreign universities, international schools, domestic and foreign public institutions, overseas companies, government-funded research institutes, and related graduate schools, etc.


5. Major Courses


1st  semester

2nd semester


Introduction to Korean Language Education

Introduction to Korean Language Education


Understanding Korean,

Foreign Language Acquisition Theory,

Korean Expression Education,

Korean Wave and Korean Culture

Norms of Korean Language,

Contrastive Linguistics,

Studies in Sociolinguistics,

Understanding Korean Language


Korean Vocabulary Education,

Korean Textbook Theory,

Theory of Korean Evaluation

Korean Grammar Education,

Principles of Korean Translation,

The Theory of Korean Application,

Korean Pronunciation Education,

Korean Culture Education,

Korean Language Curriculum,

Understanding of Korean Popular Culture


Korean Language Education Practice

Korean Language Education Practice,

Korean Language Education Policy

※ There may be changes in the course names listed above.