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Academic Programs


GLC Tutoring


-A program in which seniors become tutors to help tutees (freshmen) learn Korean or regular subjects.

-At the beginning of each semester, the Education Support Center matches tutors and tutees one-on-one.

-Tutoring takes place for 15 weeks for an hour a week.


-Tutee: GLC freshman

-Applicable subjects: major and liberal arts subjects, basic Korean language learning, etc.

-How to apply: check the recruitment of the notice on the GLC website and apply through the career history

(https://career.yonsei.ac.kr), and the person in charge matches each tutor to tutee.

-Requirements: attending orientation, writing a web activity log on LearnUs, announcing the final results of the activity, etc.

-Benefit: If the requirements are met after the end of the activity, the Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation (ICTL) issues a confirmation of the activity.