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Scholarships & Co-op Programs


Co-op Programs



Number of people selected

Practice period


Hyundai Energy Solutions Co., Ltd.

‣ Sustainable R&D investments and cutting-edge production facilities produce the world's best solar cells and modules

‣ Leading the solar energy industry by providing various solutions such as award-winning, farming, and smart solar cities

Up to 6 students per year

Regular or seasonal semester



a month * subject to change


APR Co., Ltd.

‣ A global beauty life culture company with six brands (April Skin, MediCube, Formant, Nerdy, Glamdy, and Photo Grey Origin) in the fields of fashion, beauty, and healthcare.

‣ It is active in seven countries around the world and has grown more than 230% annually since its foundation, making it a leader in the D2C industry.

Up to 4 students per year


2,500,000 won monthly


  Up to 10 students  selected per year


※ Please refer to the notice for the Co-op Program application targets and details.