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Applied Information Engineering Major


Applied Information Engineering Major

Foster top class professionals in information and communication technologies


1. Major Name and Degree Awarded

Major Name: Applied Information Engineering Major

Degree Awarded : Bachelor of Engineering


2. Major’s vision

Training highly skilled professionals in real-world applications of information and computing technologies needed for the future knowledge and information society

Cultivating globally competitive talent through a practical curriculum based on future needs developed in cooperation with industry

Fostering individuals skilled with information computing technology abilities combined with entrepreneurship to apply them to real life


3. Outline of Major

The need for professionals who can develop and technically manage information computing systems is essential to increase their competitive advantage in the global market. The goal of Applied Information Engineering major is to meet this need. In this context, Applied Information Engineering major is designed for students to acquire basic principles through real world examples while utilizing advanced information computer technologies, which include artificial intelligence, big data analysis, and social and mobile computing, from the foundations of computing such as programming and database management.

Through the up-to-date curriculum, students will develop their capabilities to apply the skills and methods they have learned to real situations. Therefore, the curriculum includes customized subjects to acquire evolving skills in technology, as well as subjects to develop soft skills needed to solve real-world situations and business problems, such asTechno Project Management, Techno Strategy Management, and Technology Writing.


4. Career paths after graduation

Information computing technology is deeply infiltrated into each field of our lives and society. Therefore, graduates majoring in applied information engineering may enter various occupations in diverse fields. Graduates can be employed beyond the boundaries of information computing technology industry and expertise. IT service companies, including information service companies such as Kakao, Naver, Google, and Facebook, and domestic system development companies, are continuously looking for talented people who combine technical capabilities with management capabilities in real situations. Similar demand is also increasing in banks, public corporations, public institutions and research institutes.


5. Major courses


1st semester



Introduction to Information Computing Technology,

Information Programming Basics

ntroduction to Information Computing Technology,

Information Programming Basics


Discrete Structural Theory, Information Programming Intensification, Business IT

Applied Data Structure Studies, Introduction to Databases,

Overview of Data Analysis, Web Programming


Game Design and Implementation, Basics of Artificial Intelligence,

Algorithm application, Natural Language Information Analysis,

Applied Mobile Programming

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Information SW Engineering, Advanced Data Analysis, Understanding Technology Management, Startup Project


Applied Information Capstone Design, Visual Information Analysis, Open Source SW Application

Information Technology and HCI, Information Technology and Security, Social Network Analysis

※ There may be changes in the course names listed above.