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Bio & Living Engineering Major


Bio & Living Engineering Major

Fostering creative global engineering talent to lead the future core areas of the bio industry

1. Major Name and Degree Awarded

Major Name : (Bio & Living Engineering Major)

Degree Awarded : Bachelor of Engineering


2. Major’s vision

Acquisition of basic science and applied skills related to health, cosmetics, functional foods, which are the core of the future bio industry.

Providing an integrated curriculum that encompasses basic science, technology courses, and bio-life technology fields.

Training students to be bio-industry professionals through systematic curriculum management.

- Basic Course Curriculum : Developing Basic Knowledge of Biotechnology

- Major Development Process: Advancing Practical Applied Science Research Skills


3. Outline of Major

Based on cutting edge biotechnological research and bioengineering, Biotechnology is attracting attention as a high-tech promising field that will lead the growth engine industries of Korea and a key field that contributes to the promotion of human health and welfare. The field of life science is a representative intregrated academic field that incorporates core studies that are interdisciplinary and real world applications in the development of new technologies.

The bio-life engineering major in the Global Leadership Division aims to educate experts in beauty, health, and functional foods required in these times of competitive global markets. In order to foster experts with an integrated perspective, including K-beauty and Korean food in the Korean Wave era, we intend to cover bio-life technology-related technologies based on key foundational science and technology subjects from bio cosmetics to functional foods.


4. Career paths after graduation

Entering domestic/foreign graduate schools, entering research institutes in the biotechnology field, starting businesses in bio ventures, cosmetics, health functional foods, etc., and employment in companies in related fields.


5. Major courses


1st semester

2nd semester


Introduction to Bio & Living Engineering

Introduction to Bio & Living Intregration Science 


Bio & Living Chemistry 1, Bio & Living Organisms 1,

Introduction to Organic Chemistry, Introduction to Functional Food Science

Biology Life Chemistry 2, Biology Life 2,

Bio Cosmetics Introduction, Applied Biochemistry


Biofunctional Materials, Skin Bioscience, Bio Statistics

Introduction to Food Chemistry, Future Bio-Healthcare,

Basic Experiments on Biological Life, Device Analysis


Cosmetic Manufacturing Engineering, Bio-Safety and Toxicology, Bio & Living Major Experiment 2, Bio & Living Creative Design 1

Advanced fermentation engineering, biocosmetics,

Biological Life Experiment 1, Biological Life Creativity Design 2

※ There may be changes in the course names listed above.