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Cultural Media Major


Cultural Media Major

Cultivating professional talent with digital cultural expression skills required in the cultural media content industry


1. Major Name and Degree Awarded

Major Name : Cultural Media Major

Degree Awarded : Bachelor of Arts


2. Major’s vision

Training professional talent with digital cultural expression skills required in various cultural media content industries online and offline

Developing the capacity of talented individuals to deal with content writing necessary for the cultural media content field.


3. Outline of Major

The Cultural Media majors provide an innovative, interactive curriculum in three areas: 1) content writing, 2) content planning, and 3) cultural knowledge. Digital Literacy-based digital skills education, which is essential during the 4th Industrial Revolution. Students will engage in visual storytelling, content writing, utilizing photos, videos, graphics, sound and audio, content planning to understand and study digital trends (planning, directing, cultural marketing, etc.), software and hardware necessary for digital media technology, and one-person media projects. Providing convergent cultural knowledge curriculum is required in the digital age. Other software and hardware (drones, action cameras, single-person media equipment, etc.) are provided free of charge, including Adobe software, which is provided to Cultural Media students to carry out major related projects.

The content writing curriculum for Cultural Media students aims to develop various digital platform content skills by cultivating creative thinking and cultural expression skills based on digital literacy learning. The content planning curriculum aims to foster talent to plan and design new digital experience contents in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution. The cultural knowledge curriculum is a professional liberal arts curriculum focused on teaching convergent knowledge in the humanities and social fields based on understanding and utilizing technology and content planning.


4. Career paths after graduation

Employment in various digital platform business areas such as social media, blogs, one-person media, mobile content, VR, AR, etc., planning and production of contents (culture, video, entertainment, etc.), entering related government agencies as cultural exchange experts, culture and marketing experts, graduate schools in Korean wave content distribution, etc.


5. Major courses


1st semester

2nd semester


Visual Literacy, Visual Storytelling

Visual Literacy, Visual Storytelling

2 Thought and Life in East Asia, Video Literacy, Understanding of Global Media, Basics of Content Writing, Korean Traditional Cultural Content Research, Introduction to Real-time Video, Introduction to Sound Design, Active Filming workshops.

Understanding Sound Media, Understanding Mass Media,

Story and Culture Studies, Daily life and Modern Society, Video Literacy, Understanding World Art Films, Understanding Global Media.


Media and Modern Society, Modern Society and Cultural Translation, UX Design and Interface, Online Media Content, Korean Art Film Writer Theory, Video Practice, News Literacy, Intercultural Communication, Media Sound Design, Media Content Expression Technology

Media and modern society, Asia in Korean movies, Cultural comparison, experience prototyping, online media content, video practice, visual identity, news literacy, intercultural communication, and understanding of art management.


Cultural Content Criticism, Creative Planning Projects,

Understanding of Cultural Expression Technology, Storytelling and Cultural Content

Creative Planning Project, Culture Media Seminar

※ There may be changes in the course names listed above.