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Academic Programs

Participants' Thoughts

Wakana Ban

(Global Leadership Division 22, Japan)

In the first semester of 2022, I participated in GLC tutoring as a tutee, and I felt that I received a lot of help besides improving my Korean language skills. A total of 16 tutoring sessions were conducted for an hour a week. Both tutors and tutees liked to watch Korean dramas, so we used to watch one drama every week and talk about the plot of the drama during our activities. I think I could understand Korean more easily because the tutor explained the expressions and words that are often used in Korea. Also, solving the TOPIK reading questions together and talking to each other about a specific topic helped me fill in my shortcomings. For me, who had no friends or acquaintances who could have been helped in Korea when I entered the school, I think I was very lucky to have met a tutor who helped me with everything I needed in the dormitory. The part that I liked the most about participating in the tutoring was that I was able to create opportunities to write Korean on a daily basis. Of course, I use Korean in class, but I feel that my Korean speaking skills have improved significantly by continuously creating opportunities to write Korean every week.



(Global Leadership Division 22, Japan)

There are three advantages that I got from participating in the GLC tutoring program. First, I was able to make time to study at least once a week. It takes firm will and self-control to set a time to study on your own within your free work and time. The tutoring program takes place at a time set by the tutor and the tutee, so you can study stably at a fixed time. Second, I was able to get high grades not only in tutoring but also in other subjects. In my case, I reviewed and prepared based on class textbooks every time during the tutoring session. As a result, I was able to concentrate on studying other subjects outside of tutoring, and it was the same during the exam period. In other words, I was able to effectively allocate and use time for tutoring and other subjects, so I was able to do well not only in the tutoring subjects that I prepared for review with the tutor every week, but also in other subjects. Lastly, I was able to interact with students. In addition to helping me study every week, the tutor also gave me tips on school life, so I was able to receive great help in various ways. In addition, since I am from Japan, I found it attractive that I can have regular time to use Korean. There is a limited time to speak in Korean in class. Therefore, taking time to use Korean outside of class is very helpful in improving Korean language skills, and tutoring is a program that can achieve two things: improving Korean language skills and studying.