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Scholarships & Co-op Programs


Global Leadership Division (GLD) External Scholarships




Agreement period

Number of beneficiaries


GLC-SeAH Haiam Scholarship Foundation Fund

‣SeAH Haiam Scholarship Foundation was established in 1992 to cultivate truly talented individuals according to the will of late Haeam Lee Jong-deok, founder of SeAh Group, to practice honesty and contribute to future scientific and technological development.

Spring semester 2021 ~ Fall Semester 2023

8 students per year

2,000,000 won per semester.

Four semesters in total

GLC-SeAh Holdings

scholarship fund

‣ SeAh Group has created greater synergy by expanding its business area based on its core capabilities in steel manufacturing.

‣ There are more than 40 affiliates in Korea and abroad, and each core competency is developed into a global competitive edge and the value of SeAh is conveyed to the world

8 students per year

GLC-scholarship for Hyundai Energy Solutions

‣ Hyundai Energy Solutions Co., Ltd. produces the world's best solar cells and modules through continuous R&D investment and expansion of state-of-the-art production facilities.

‣ Leading the solar energy industry by providing various solutions such as award-winning, farming, and smart solar cities

4 students per year

2,500,000 won per semester

A total of 20 people are selected per year.


※ Please refer to the notice for details such as the scholarship application targets and standards.