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Scholarships & Co-op Programs



(Cultural Media Major 20, US)

▹Hyundai Energy Solution Co., Ltd. Americas Corporation Team & Americas Sales Team

Born in Texas, the U.S., I naturally became familiar with Korean language and culture while attending boarding high schools with many Korean students, and I fell in love with it and decide to study abroad. I applied without hesitation because I wanted to build a professional career in a Korean company in the future. The American corporation team participated in a project to establish a media marketing strategy for entering the US market and conducted market research and data research on the US market. The US sales team was responsible for researching the data needed for the US sales planning as well as contacting US solar module manufacturers. I was surprised that even though I was an American, I was able to conduct research and analysis in advance to enter the U.S. market and achieve results, and I think the biggest lesson is to learn the importance of an absolutely fresh way of thinking in real marketing through sharp questions and feedback from the manager and team members. I want to be a talented person who can contribute to the development of Korea based on my valuable internship experience in Korean companies.




(Culture & Media Major/Korean Language & Culture Education Major 17.5, Japan)


▹APR Co., Ltd.

had a plan to grow into a Japanese marketer in Korea, and I think it was an opportunity to challenge myself. APR Co., Ltd. is a company that focuses on cosmetics development and sales, and it is a company that grows and cadapts quickly to today’s fast-paced world. Therefore, the atmosphere of the company was free and flexible rather than rigid, so there was no burden on working as an intern and I don't remember it being too formal and strict.. As a result, despite being an intern, I was often asked for work-related opinions or ideas, and in some cases, my personal opinions were actively reflected, so I felt rewarded for working. I was mainly in charge of social media marketing and content translation. I was able to learn marketing practice by conducting contacts and recruits for YouTube sponsorships in order to advertise our products. I also learned that work is done as a member of the organization, not as an individual. In most universities, students study and do assignments alone, but work is always done as anorganization/team in the workplace, so I learned that we can only improve our work performance by sharing our progress or situation.