Institute for Modern Korean Studies
The institute was established in 1997 to enhance and improve the quality of scholarly research in modern Korean studies

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Spring 2023
Professor Heejin Lee of Korea University
'For a Postnational World: Reading Korean Literature beyond the Nation'
May 16th 2023

Spring 2022
Darcie Draudt: Postdoctoral Fellow, George Washington Institute of Korean Studies
Citizenship and South Korea's Imagined Community
May 23, 2022

Fall 2022
Bernie Cho: Founder and President of DSFB Kollective
The Hip Hype Reality of the Korean Wave
October 26, 2022

Paroma Ghose: Postdoc fellow at IMKS
'And All This is True Because it Rhymes': Kpop and the Globalization of Prejudice
November 25, 2022