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The curriculum of the Information and Interaction Design major consists of a combination of studio, seminar and method courses based on a human-centered design process that integrates perspectives and knowledge from the humanities, social sciences, human-computer interaction, and design. Students are able to cover a wide range of topics from the fundamentals of communication and design such as, typography, information design, mobile application prototyping, user experience research and visualization methods to more advanced topics in interaction design, physical computing, and capstone project. In each course, students work to gain an analytic and empathic understanding of human, interaction, environment and system in order to better envision the future of communication through the process of inquiry into diverse problems given. In addition, students have opportunities to practice communicating their ideas through critiques, talks, presentations, and demonstrations so that they become effective communicators in various contexts. Altogether, the four-year long program culminates to a senior project and Techno-Art capstone project that demonstrates the mastery of knowledge, process, and skills in information and interaction design.