“Thank you for visiting the Department of Public Policy and Management.”

Department ChairCHOI, YOUNG JUN

Welcome to the Department of Public Policy and Management at Yonsei University.


Public Policy and Management is a discipline dedicated to designing and shaping the operation of the state and public sectors, relying on a broad spectrum of social sciences knowledge and applications. It is an applied social science that demands an understanding of various socioeconomic and political aspects.


In recent times, with the emergence of significant shifts such as low birth rates and an aging population, digitalization, climate change, and socio-political conflicts, the government is increasingly expected to adopt 'smarter' roles than before.


Consequently, the scope of Public Policy and Management is continuously expanding and evolving. It encompasses the entire public sector while increasingly focusing on managing rapid socio-economic changes. The discipline also explores how to effectively respond to these changes in collaboration with market and societal actors.


In this era of great transformations, Policy Public and Management holds both academic and practical value by contributing to the nation and society. It does this through our research and education on the establishment and operation of administrative systems and the formulation and implementation of public policies aimed at solving numerous socioeconomic problems.


Within this academic identity, our department strives to nurture talents capable of responding to rapid social changes with critical and analytical capabilities.


Alumni from our Department are actively contributing across various sectors including government agencies, public institutions, businesses, and professional fields. Notably, there has been a trend towards diverse career paths, including a significant interest in law school admissions. The dedication and contributions of our alumni exceed your imagination, providing invaluable support and mentoring to our students.


The faculty of our Department demonstrates exceptional achievements and outcomes in education and research. Our department has achieved 19th place in the world in the "2023 QS World University Rankings by Subject" announced by the British global university evaluation agency, QS. This is the highest ranking among public administration departments in Korea.


We believe that the dynamic network centered around our distinguished faculty, alumni, and students is a source of pride and a driving force for our department's development.


We sincerely welcome you!


Department Chair CHOI, YOUNG JUN