Abstract Guide Line

  1. Paper: MS word, A4 or Letter, 1/2 page or more, double-spaced
  2. Margin: 2.5 cm for top and sides
  3. Font:
    • Title:13 point, Arial, bold
    • Author(s):11 point, Arial, bold
    • Author’s affiliation:10.5 point, Italic, Times New Roman
    • Body text:11 point, Times New Roman

Gil-Dong Hong1,2, Cheol Soo Kim3and John Smith4
(Please marked with ‘*’ to corresponding author )

1Department of Biotechnology, Yonsei University, 2Yonsei Microbiome Initiative, Yonsei University,
3Department of Biotechnology, Seoul University,4Department of Bioscience, New York University, USA

(Centered and Italicized, with department/division and Country,
Avoid abbreviations,Superscript numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.) can be used to identify author affiliations.)


- double-spaced

- do not include references or diagrams

References and diagrams/pictures are not necessary.

General Abstract Guidelines

▪ Abstracts for submission must be submitted before before September 30,2021.
▪ Accepted abstracts will be published on the event website.
▪ A presenter can present more than one abstract.
▪ Approval of all co-authors must be obtained before placing their names on an abstract.
▪ Submission of multiple overlapping abstracts is discouraged.

▪ It is responsibility of all the investigators that the study be performed in respect of national legislation, international legislation, and ethical guidelines both in regards to humans and animals.

Withdrawing abstracts
▪ The withdrawal of abstracts can only be accepted if notified written and subsequently confirmed by the iMAF Secretariat.