Time Program Name
13:30~13:55 Application of Gut Microbiome Health Index (GMHI) to Measure Prebiotic Indices of Foods Nam Soo Han
13:55~14:20 - Justin L. Sonnenburg
14:20~14:45 - Sae Hun Kim
14:45~15:10 How to Enrich Specific Taxa within the Gut Microbiome? Lessons from Human Milk David A. Mills
15:10~15:35 - Douwe van Sinderen
15:55~16:20 Analyzing Microbes in Us and on Our Planet Peer Bork
16:20~16:45 Genome-wide Functional Analysis of the Fungal Pathogenicity Signaling Network Yong-Sun Bahn
16:45~17:10 - Nikos Kyrpides
17:10~17:35 Databases of Animal Gut Bacterial Communities with Manually Curated Metadata Jongsik Chun
17:35~18:00 - Nicola Segata
Time Program / Name Program / Name
10:30~10:55 Eco-evolutionary Characterization of Microbial Communities in Rice Ecosystems Yong-Hwan Lee
10:55~11:20 - Sheng Yang He
11:20~11:45 Engineering the Plant Microbiota to Protect against Diseases Youn-Sig Kwak
11:45~12:15 - Tadashi Fukami
12:15~12:40 Implication of the Seed Microbiota for Plant Health Tomislav Cernava
14:00~14:25 Bovine Gut Microbiome Jin-Woo Bae
14:25~14:50 Intestinal Health and Jejunal Mucosa-associate Microbiota: Pig Model Sung Woo Kim
14:50~15:15 Exploration of Gastrointestinal Microbiota in Cattle for Better Milk and Beef Production Satoshi Koike
15:15~15:40 Towards a Better Understanding on the Ruminants: New Insights from the Rumen Microbiome Tansol Park
16:00~16:25 - Matthew Wook Chang
16:25~16:50 Model-driven Elucidation of Nitrogen Transcriptional Regulatory Network in Bacteria Donghyuk Kim
Time Program / Name Program / Name
10:30~10:55 Strategies to develop innovative recycling technology...
Dong-Woo Lee
Microbe-induced Plant Volatiles
Chong-Min Ryu
10:55~11:20 Evolutionary Lineage Segregation in Lactiplantibacillus plantarum
Hana Yi

Sung-Hwan Yun
11:20~11:45 Microbial Community and Meta-omic Analysis of AgriFood Products
Choong Hwan Lee

Youn-Sig Kwak
11:45~12:10 Omics-based Analysis of Genomic Features and ...
Hyun Ah Kang
Development of Microbial Agents for the Management ...
Yongho Jeon
14:10~14:35 Comparative analysis of Microbiome in Mycobacterium avium ...
Sang Sun Yoon

Han-Sang Yoo
14:35~15:00 Development of Milk Powder Containing Heat-killed....
Jae Ho Kim (Korea Food Research Institute)
Alteration of Gut Microbiota in Neonatal Hanwoo Calves by...
Hak-Jong Choi
15:20~15:45 Development and Commercialization of Fermented Rice Bran Products...
Hae Choon Chang
Potential Application of Probiotics for Canine and Feline Welfare
Yangseon Kim
15:45~16:10 Development of Probiotics from Traditional Nuruk for ...
Byung Hee Ryu
Development of Microbial Product to Improve Swine ...
Jung Sun Kang