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Law School International Exchange


Yonsei law meets world law through joint degree and dual degree systems and various academic exchange programs with prestigious universities abroad.

Yonsei University with more than 120 years of tradition, has concluded academic exchange and student exchange agreements with 542 universities in 59 countries around the world. And it has been promoting active international exchanges such as holding joint academic conferences, inviting and sending visiting professors, and exchanging students. In addition, establishment of Underwood International College and Graduate School of International Studies, and Summer Schools have provided institutionalized international education programs, and are leading the inbound internationalization of education.

Yonsei Law School itself, apart from the university headquarters, is actively engaged in international exchange by signing academic exchange and student exchange agreements with 10 universities in 7 countries. In particular, Yonsei has been running a joint LL.M. degree program with American University and Washington University in St. Louis since 2002. In 2010, Yonsei Law School signed dual degree program agreements with University of California, Berkeley and University of Washington. This is the first time for Berkeley Law School to introduce a dual degree system with foreign law schools. Hereby Yonsei law students who attend one full semester or two summer semesters at one of these schools can acquire dual JD/LLM degrees in three years. And they also obtain qualification for both domestic and US lawyer examinations (New York, California, etc.).
In April 2010, Yonsei Law School joined 'Center for Transnational Legal Studies' (CTLS), the world's first legal education association established in 2008 with the aim of training skilled international legal professionals who understand the world. CTLS was established by 10 prestigious schools including Georgetown University in US, King's College in England, Berlin Free University in Germany, and National University of Singapore and so on. This educational model is taught by professors from law schools in member universities, and the students selected by each school take courses abroad for one or two semesters. The lectures are held at Kings College in London, the global center of law services. Since law schools from 20 countries on 5 continents have participated (India National University Law School, Beijing University in China, Moscow University in Russia, Diego Portales University in Chile, Melbourne University in Australia), it is a great opportunity for students to learn various legal systems and receive practical training. In the future, Yonsei will continue to actively promote academic exchanges with prestigious law schools abroad.