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Student life

Comments on Exchange Student Life

Alessandro Tenchini - ESADE Law School
My experience at Yonsei Law School was very positive from the first day. The people were really friendly and helped us integrate well into the YLS community. The lectures, moots and conferences made the experience satisfactory also from the academic point of view.
Blanca Vives Alvarez - ESADE Law School
This has been a once in a lifetime experience for me. I deeply think that four months is not enough for an exchange as good as this one. The bonds you create with people here, both international and korean, are amazing. If I had to choose again where to spend these four months of my life I would choose Yonsei with no doubt! I'm grateful to everyone who gave me this chance and to those who turned it into something unforgettable.
Christian Thufason - University of Copenhagen
My experience at Yonsei University has both given me amazing experiences and broadened my perspective in many ways.First of all Yonsei has through the semester given me the opportunity to share and exchange ideas and viewpoints with people from all over the world. Within the different courses we have been encouraged to discuss matters in an international perspective and thus think beyond our own perceptions about the world. The professors have facilitated this, both inside and outside the classroom, where the students have been encouraged and expected to think for themselves and discuss academic subjects on a higher level. Second of all Yonsei has been the frame for my stay in Korea, where the university through it’s events and programs has given me the opportunity to meet the people and culture of Korea. Yonsei has given me an experience of a lifetime both on a personal and academic level.
Ganesh Vaheis - The University of Sydney
Whenever I tell people that I went to Korea, they always say "Oh, that's where Psy's from right?" But there's so much more to Korea. Being at Yonsei Law School was the time of my life! I was surrounded by Korea's brightest minds, learning law at a top institution. The professors at Yonsei Law School were very knowledgeable, and incredibly friendly. I also enjoyed taking part in the wealth of campus activities, and made lots of friends. I developed as a person by going on exchange to Yonsei Law School, and would strongly recommend it to anyone.
Lu Chen Li -Shantou University
When I think about my life in Yonsei, the highlight might be the new friends who I met and helped me. We explored Korean cultural together, and adapted to life in Korea along with each other. We might be doing our own thing in our in our own countries if not for the chance of being a exchange student to Yonsei. However, we are here because of Yonsei. Yonsei gave us the sense of belonging, for which we worked harder together. What began as homesickness turned to cherishing every moment in Yonsei, in Korea.
Marta Llonch Valsells - ESADE Law School
In this few months that I have spent here, Yonsei has been more than a university for me. I have met so many amazing people. I have learnt what I never expected to learn inside and outside the classrooms. I have felt so comfortable by both teachers and Yonsei students that I can easily call it a second home. This short but intense experience has been a source of inspiration for me and I would recommend it to everyone.
Meng Wu - ESADE Law School
As an exchange student, it was a really good chance to immerse myself in another culture and to make friends with people around the world. The exchange is all about learning; living away from home, on the other side of the world, experiencing a different lifestyle, and a different language has changed my perception of life. Thanks to the enthusiasm of talented students and an institution open towards innovation, I had the opportunity to try new things and to be amazed constantly. The campus is simply amazing and Yonsei is for sure the place where you can find a perfect combination of traditional features and modern innovations.
Minju Park - CTLS
There is no major nationality that defines the participants of the CTLS program. Students and professors come from more than twenty universities in five different continents. This enables CTLS to provide a number of unique transnational law lectures and colloquia. Thanks to this virtue of diversity, students are encouraged to share and understand different legal perspectives. Living in London itself was another amazing experience. CTLS hosted many diverse activities to let students discover the city and even scheduled a trip to the Hague to visit international courts. The biggest asset I obtained during my stay would be the global friendship I established. There is no doubt that my new friends would be of tremendous help in the future. In short, I would never hesitate to recommend the program to those who are interested!
Ruth Ng Hui En - Singapore Management University
During the fall of 2014, I had the pleasure and privilege of attending Yonsei Law School for one semester as an exchange student from Singapore Management University. Those four months were some of the best in my life. The joys and challenges of living alone in a foreign country for the first time was enriching in itself. However, YLS was a huge contributor to the experience. It stimulated me intellectually and also served as a platform for me to meet local Korean and foreign students. While I was in YLS, I took 'International Trade Law', 'Dispute Resolution in International Trade and Business' and 'Citizenship and Migration'. The classes added an international dimension to my views on legal practice and also provoked me to think about legal practice outside the commercial scope. As I finish up my last semester in Law School back in Singapore, I find that a lot of the lessons I learnt in YLS were infinitely useful and were continually applicable to my legal studies. It was heartening to see the connections between my classes in both schools. Also, the methodology in which the classes were taught was commendable. In two of my classes, there were regular moot exercises that put the students' oral skills and quick wit to the test. I found that the moot practices also served to help students bond together and see the practical application and difficulties of the law. In my 'Citizenship and Migration' class, I found that there was a healthy mix of international students that created a rich dialogue between students. It it noteworthy that my peers in my classes were not just local Koreans but also included students from China, America, Canada, Thailand, Japan and many other countries. Also, most of my peers were enrolled in the graduate programme where else I was still an undergraduate. The challenges that came from studying alongside graduate students was rewarding and I learnt a lot from them. They were also friendly, welcoming and always ready to extend a helping hand. In short, YLS is a wonderful and dynamic learning environment made up of great professors, provoking classes and caring peers.