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Dean's Welcome


Yonsei Law School,
a cradle of legal professionals with international practical skills

Welcome to Yonsei Law School!

I am Tae suk Yoon, the Dean of Yonsei University Law School.

In severe trials under Japanese colonial rule, Yonsei’s notable alumnus, poet Yoon Dong-Joo looked up to the sky and have struggled to live with no shame. Our school is rooted in his spirit, the spirit of ‘truth and freedom’. This founding spirit of Yonsei is ingrained and embodied in ‘challenge and creation’, ‘sharing and consideration’, ‘service and respect’ and ‘communication and empathy’. Yonsei Law School and Graduate School of Law set up educational goals of training: ‘ethical legal professionals who contribute to democracy and rule of law’, ‘competent legal professionals who open a global era’, ‘creative legal professionals who lead a knowledge-based society’. Yonsei’s high-level faculty and experts in the field of law and practice, teach and train students of Law School and Graduate School of Law.

As you know well, Yonsei is the nation’s top private university with over 136 years of history and its high competitiveness in ‘internationality’ and ‘excellence’ is unrivaled. This is evidenced by the excellent social presence of Yonsei Law School graduates in numerous law firms, courts, prosecutors’ office, public/private enterprises, the Constitutional court of Korea and so on.

Yonsei Law School will continue to make every effort to nurture legal professionals with international competence on ethics and creativity.

The door of Yonsei Law School is widely opened for the best elites who are aiming for the highest-level legal professionals prepared with international and practical ability. 

Thank you.


Dean of Yonsei University Law School, Graduate School of Law   signature

Dean of Yonsei University Law School, Graduate School of Law
Dong Jin Park