Opening the path to innovation, prospect of future

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Our vision is to cultivate leaders who transcend the imagination of knowledge and create waves of innovation. Modern society is facing increasingly complex and rapidly changing challenges. We understand that responding to these changes requires research and creativity that transcends boundaries, and aim to produce the next generation of leaders who will pioneer the innovative science and technology landscape of tomorrow.

The Department of Innovation Science and Engineering at Yonsei University seeks to cultivate professional talent who will lead innovation in various fields after graduation.

careers after graduation
  • Researchers who contribute to the development of new technologies and scientific knowledge as researchers, scientists, and professors at domestic and foreign universities and government-funded research institutes
  • Technical engineers, technology managers, and product developers at private research institutes or companies in the science and engineering field
  • Educators at universities and educational institutions
  • Enactors or evaluators of public sector science policies in the government and government agencies
  • Management or technical advisors based on their knowledge of foundation of startups and innovative science and engineering