Integrated Immunology


In the intricate tapestry of health and disease, the orchestration of immune responses stands as a pivotal sentinel, guarding against a diverse spectrum of inflammatory diseases.

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From the frontlines of infections to the cryptic depths of autoimmune disorders and the formidable challenge of cancers, the regulation of our immune system holds the key to our well-being. Our graduate program embarks on a journey fueled by innovation, employing the cutting-edge arsenal of multi-omics techniques, intricate organoid models, and dynamic animal systems. This convergence of methodologies empowers us to decipher the enigmatic molecular and cellular choreography underlying inflammatory diseases. Our mission is to illuminate the uncharted territories of disease progression, opening vistas of potential therapeutic interventions. With a comprehensive approach encompassing all inflammatory diseases, including a focus on the intricate landscape of cancer, we seek to unravel their mysteries and chart new pathways to healing.

Illuminate the uncharted territories of disease progression