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About Residential College


Residential College(RC) is the world's renowned prestigious education program that nurtures leaders with creative skills, as an integrated education system that combines interstate learning and after-school community activities by transforming a residence, simple living space, to life experience educatuon space for students.



  Advanced Education Model

A key place to develop traditional learning, life experience education, and creative ability


  Dormitory Space

- Dormitory provided for students to learn about living in a community

- Composed of holistic education of well-rounded and full-time educational system


  Cultural Community

- Cultural arts activities including music, sports, art, community service programs prepared

- Various humanities and cultural activities that stimulate artistic sensibility prepared


  Autonomous student activity

- Students will be spending their 24/7 on campus

- During which, students will have opportunity to engage in autonomous activities, group circle activities, and have chance to build strong connections with their peers.


  Global leadership education

- Provision of various foundations for development, mutual understanding and respect of cultural differences

- Chance to learn the importance of cooperation and communication, and being at the forefront of global leadership education


  Novel education paradigm

- The common denominator between prestigious education systems around the world

- Prestigious universities such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Oxford have implemented this system