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Yonsei & GBED

Global Basic Education Division

For the first one year of Yonsei University, all international freshmen will belong to Global Basic Education Division (GBED) of Global Leaders College, in order to help students adjust to college life and develop skills necessary to carry out their Major studies. GBED will assist students from abroad in cultivating advanced Korean proficiency, essential to College General Education and Major studies 


  Student Affiliation by School Years



  Curriculum of Global Basic Education Division


1. GLC General Education

Numerous General Education courses are provided exclusively to GLC students, including: Understanding of Numbers in Daily Life, Guidance Politics, Landmarks of Korean Culture, Digital Art and Culture, Understanding Global Industry Material and Civilization, GLC Mathematics, Technology Society and Leadership, Understanding Food and Food Science.


2. Customized Korean Language Education Program

GLC provides Korean Language Education programs parallel to individual students' level of Korean, according to the Korean Proficiency Test and/or TOPIK scores submitted.



3. GLC English and GLC Mathematics Lecture

Customized English courses are offered according to individual students' level of English proficiency, crucial in helping students pursue global leaders. Basic level GLC Mathematics courses are offered to science or engineering majoring students.


4. Absolute Grading System on Every Lecture

GLC courses offered exclusively to GLC students will be evaluated on an absolute grading system, alleviating the students' burden of studying. 



  GBED Special Services 

1. Premium Curriculum for International Students
For students whose mother tongue is not Korean, Premium Curriculum focused on various Korean programs are in place to assist students with their major entrance, which is essential in elevating ability to pursue their college studies and their overall satisfaction with college life. 
2. GLC General Education 
Specialized General Education Curriculum, exclusively specialized for international students, is provided to assist them developing the core competence of college academics without language barrier.
3. Korean Writing Lessons for International Students
Various Korean Writing lessons are provided to international students to facilitate their studies. International students can receive Korean Writing lessons to help with their assignments.  
4. Specialized Academic Advising
During their 4 years at Yonsei, specialized academic advising on academic advising on academic curriculum and career paths will also be at their disposal.
5. Extracurricular Activity Programs
International students will have the opportunity to gain diverse experiences and chances to learn through special programs designed exclusively for them, e.g. Korean Culture Experiences
6. One-stop Services, Including Airport Pick Up
To facilitate students in adapting to college life, we provide foreign students who enter Yonsei University with guidance and services from the first day. We pick them up from the airport and show them how to move into the dormitory, register for classes, and so forth.