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Yonsei & GBED



Yonsei University's Global Basic Education Division is a new department established in 2019 offering the world's first Korean Language-based premium undergraduate curriculum for foreign and overseas Korean students. Yonsei's Global Basic Education Division has constructed various support systems for the students who may not be fully familiar with Korean culture, for them to be able to adapt quickly and adequately to new policies and educational environment of Korea.



Over 700 students from 30 countries around the world are receiving prestigious education in fundamental liberal arts and are trained to use Korean language at an advanced level required for higher academic achievement. Furthermore foreign students are given opportunities to enhance their learning abilities to better adjust to major in specialized fields. Within Yonsei's Global Basic Education Division, students are not only able to grow academically, but achieve personal growth and development through the education and guidance system that includes students' GBED Faculties, Academic Advisors and Residential Masters all of whom give the utmost support for the developtment of each student.



We are expecting best students who meet the highest status of Yonsei University. We support not only academic pursuit of each student but we also educate them to grow as the best intellectuals who represent alumni of Yonsei University.




February 2020

Director In-Mo Ku