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Yonsei College of Life Science and Biotechnology – where dreams come true

   Life science is the study of biological systems of various living creatures. Traditionally, scientists took reductionist approaches to investigate living organisms due to their complexity. However, a living system is more than the mere sum of its parts, emerging new properties. Thus, instead of independent academic pursuits, a cooperative research among various branches such as Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, and Biotechnology should be carried out together. Furthermore, integrative research in other scientific fields such as NT (Nano Technology), IT (Information Technology), and MT (Medical Technology) would be required to help obtain a holistic understanding of an organism.


   Therefore, undergraduate and graduate programs where biotechnology and biomedical fields are integrated would be considered as synergistic and future-oriented. The College of Life Science and Biotechnology consists of three majors – Systems Biology, Biochemistry, and Biotechnology – to foster talented individuals who will lead the future of life science and biotechnology in the 21st century. These three majors, while maintaining their distinctive characters, are operated under a combined system where their education and research can be integrated into a synergist form.


   Students in their freshman year will complete general courses in liberal arts and introductory courses to their majors. They will focus on advanced courses in Systems Biology, Biochemistry, or Biotechnology as they enter sophomore year. The students who complete these courses will hold a bachelor's degree according to their chosen major. Upon graduation, a student who has completed courses in Systems Biology or Biochemistry will hold a bachelor’s degree in science, while a student who has completed courses in Biotechnology will hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering.


   The College of Life Science and Biotechnology is composed of the best faculty in the country. Professors in our college have been selected every year as one of the best lecturers at Yonsei University since 2004. This exemplifies our faculty’s passions in their lectures and education.


   The College of Life Science and Biotechnology has established various group research centers such as Transitional Research Center for Protein Function Control, Glycosylation Network Research Center, Center for Integrative Drug Discovery, and Molecular Medicine Lab. Also, we are currently operating 10 organization research tasks such as BK21 Plus Initiative for Biological Function & Systems, Genome-wide Disease Proteome Initiatives, Strategic Initiative for Microbiomes in Agriculture and Food, Chemical Genomics Global Research Laboratory, Vaccine Translational Research Center, Center for Mouse Models of Human Diseases, Center of Precision Medicine, and Mouse Molecular Genetics Lab. In addition, individual researches are in progress including Laboratory of Tumorigenesis and Senescence and eight National Research Laboratories. Through our professors’ active research, we received over 30 billion won as government funding in 2016.


   The College of Life Science and Biotechnology secures a research environment to conduct excellent research programs as stated above. As many have heard through the media in past years, we publish global-standard research results annually and serve as the driving force of Korea’s development in the Life Science fields. Yonsei College of Life Science and Biotechnology will continue to persevere in our efforts to become one of the best competitive research universities in the world.