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Educational Purpose and Abstract

Systems Biology aims to study biological phenomena and their fundamental principles by examining various levels of life from molecular and cellular to global ecosystems. Our department operates a program that fits the modern life science’s educational purpose and we provide both lectures and experiment courses to provide a multidimensional education. Also, we have a well-organized, step-by-step major requisite and major elective courses each semester so that students can effectively and independently improve their understandings. Through such a program, we aim to foster creative and self-motivated personnel who can provide their leadership in this field. 

Specific Major and Field

Systems Biology has a broad spectrum of research since the study aims to investigate biological phenomena of all living things including humans as well as the relationship among living things and with their environment. Systems Biology can be divided into Zoology, Phytology, and Microbiology depending on the subject of study or can be divided into Cellular Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Developmental Biology, Physiology, Genetic Engineering depending, and etc., on the method of study. We currently have 17 laboratories on various research topics and they are actively pursuing research in Molecular Biology, Epigenetics, Immunology, Neurobiology, Developmental Biology, Glycobiology, Molecular Cancer Biology, Plant Molecular Biology, Plant Genetics, Plant Developmental Genetics, Plant RNA Biology, Microbial Genomics, Environmental Microbiology, Structural Biology, etc.  

Prospects and Career After Graduation

The career path after graduation can be largely divided into 3 categories – graduate school, study abroad, or employment. Students are recommended to take a variety of major courses as well as experimental courses if they plan to apply for a graduate program. Students with excellent undergraduate GPA may be accepted without any extra exams. An in-depth research is recommended for students planning to study abroad. It is advised to consult with our experienced faculty. In the case of employment, a variety of opportunities such as national and industrial research centers, pharmaceutical companies, hospital research centers, and teaching professions are available. Our graduates are working as professors, teachers, researcher, medical personals, patent attorney, CEO of life science and biotechnology businesses and more.