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Educational Purpose and Abstract

The Department of Biotechnology operates under the following educational goals.

  • Our education aims to foster creativity and independence in our students and produce future leaders of biotechnology.
  • We aim to recruit excellent faculty and supplement cutting-edge technology and research equipment to become a global biotechnology research institute.
  • We aim to grow and become leading research center who serves as driving force in the development of biotechnological industry within and out of the country.

Specific Major and Field

In order to foster future leaders of biotechnology, out department provides education in Microbial Technology, Genetic Engineering, Bioengineering, and other fundamental knowledge and their industrial applications. Recently, we have implemented Bioinformatics, which is a new study that integrates both biotechnology and computer science, to research Functional Genomics and Proteomics fields. Our department professors are currently researching in various topics such as discovery and application of extremophiles for the development of new functional biological materials, new anticancer drug development, the development of antibiotics and immunoregulatory drug, functional genomics and its application in medical field, the development of new vaccine or method of drug delivery using nanotechnology, designing bioreactor, fermented food and functional food materials development, and new technologies in food processing.

Prospects and Career After Graduation

Graduates of our department can be employed to various national or industrial biotechnology research centers, various food, medical, public health and hygiene companies and organizations, or they can apply to graduate school for further degrees and work as researchers or professors in research centers and universities. Biotechnologists are expected to play a very important role in biology-related fields in the 21st century. Out of near 1,000 graduates we have produced, about 100 of them are currently working as professors in universities, and many others are working as researchers, engineers, administrators, government employees, CEO of private businesses, etc. Recently many alumni are founding biotechnology ventures and leading the market with their creative ideas and innovative biotechnological products. Also, many graduates proceed to medical or dental school after graduation to become clinicians or medical researchers.