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Educational Purpose and Abstract

How does an organism develop, age, and die? Biochemistry aims to obtain a deep understanding of the fundamental principles of such mysterious and complicated biological phenomena at the molecular level and aims to apply such understandings to drug discovery and development, eradicating diseases, solving food shortage, dealing with environmental pollutions, and other various industrial applications to better human lives. 

Specific Major and Field

Our professors at Department of Biochemistry are serving as the leading roles of the post-genome era and are being acknowledged globally for their outstanding academic achievements. There are total of 15 professors who are actively researching about Genome Damage, Genome Function Regulation, Vascular Genomics, Development and Cell Division, Development of Vertebrae, Cancer Epigenetics, Molecular Virology, Translational Cancer Research, Cell Cycle and Bioplasma, Pathways of Cancer Development and Cellular Aging, Pathways of Proteolysis Regulation, Molecular Cell Biology, Structural Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics, Mouse Molecular Genomics, Systems Immunology, and more. We are attracting various government-funded research tasks every year, and the average annual funding reaches five billion won. We are also putting our best efforts into our education to foster professionals sought out by various industries.

Prospects and Career After Graduation

Since 1969, we have produced around 2,000 graduates, and more than 400 of them are playing leading roles in various prestigious universities and major companies in and out of the country such as Samsung, LG, SK, Hanmi Pharmaceutics, Green Cross, and Yuhan Pharmaceutics. Also, many others are working in life science-related careers such as patent attorneys, journalists in the science department, and other related fields. Above these, many have proceeded to become clinical doctors by enrolling in medical schools and dental schools based on their knowledge of biochemistry. Recently, an increasing number of our alumni are founding various listed bio-venture companies such as Eyegene, Peptron, Alteogen, and Genotech, and their achievements are expected to bring further progress to our field of study.