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The global trend of Bioscience and Biotechnology

The field of life science is increasingly being integrated with medical and engineering fields. Therefore, a university with an integrated program in life science, biotechnology, and biomedical fields is a future-oriented education and research institute. Yonsei University meets the most ideal condition in the country for this integration as we have College of Science, College of Engineering, and Medical School and its hospital all located in one campus to meet physical infrastructural needs as well as human resources. Consequently, Yonsei University has combined the existing Life Science, Biotechnology, and Biomedical fields to establish a new college specializing in next-generation life science and biotechnology education and research. We envision to promote our college to meet the world’s best standards.

Yonsei University College of Life Science and Biotechnology

will leap to the global-level research university and graduate school of life science technology and biomedical science.
fosters the best global human resources in life science technology and biomedicine fields.
pursues to reach world-class research levels by activating biotechnology and biomedical researches and improving their industrial values through collaborations of industry and university.