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Academic Regulations and Procedures

Exchange Program Credit Transfer

Exchange Program Credit Transfer



How to submit for the Exhange Program Credit Transfer Request


You must submit the document to the English Department Office in order to transfer the credits from the Host Institution during the exchange program following the guidelines below. Please feel free to email the TA ( on any questions, especially before you consult your professor.



Submission and Processing Period: Processing completes before every 11AM, Monday (during the semester). You can visit the department office to check if your submission has been approved.

Submit to: Yonsei English Department Office (Oesol Hall 322, 9:00~17:00, lunch 12:00~13:00 *shortened office hour for breaks)

How to Submit: In-person submission, registered mail

  *You can only submit, not retrieve via registered mail; you need to visit the office to retrieve your document. The department office is not responsible of any missing/other accidents regarding the mailing process.

 *Online submission is not an option, due to the private information used on the document of the student as well as the professors (via their stamps/signatures).



Credits Transferrable:


1) English Major Course

2) English Electives

  *In order to transfer the credit to a 3~4000 division course, the Host Institution's syllabus should mention that it's an advanced-level course.

3) English Writing (1) (2)

  *In order to tranfer the credit to a General Elective course, submit to the University College (for instance, if you want a Host Institution course credit to be transferred to that of a Yonsei course 'Buildling Fluency in Speaking': Because this course does not belong to the English Department, submit yoru document to the University College.)

  *If you have any questions regarding the transferrability of a course, please let the TA know via email. However, since the final approval is done by the professor in charge of that Yonsei course, the TA's answer cannot be final.


Needed Documents


1) Credit Transfer Request Document

  *You need to get the professor's approval in advance (signature or stamp). You can get an email approval from the professor, for which the Department Office can use the professor's stamp. -This needs an email dialogue as evidnce.

  *You need to write the course name and its subject for the Yonsei course you wish for the transfer.

2) Host Institution's Syllabus that states the course description

3) Transcript (Must be original- copies are not accepted)

4) Syllabus of the Yonsei Course you wish for the transfer

*5) To transfer to a 3~4000 division Yonsei Course, Sample Essay (such as the final apper) must be included





A) Make sure you submit the document prior in time for the deadline: the schedule (of a week) cannot be hastened with the student's request.

B) All documents submitted need a week for processing: those submitted after 11AM of Monday can be retrieved after a week.

C) The department office is not responsible for any missing documents due to the late retrieval.

D) "College English" courses are worth 2 credits.

E) Do not write in the name of the professor, for the TA or the professor cannot edit the document.

F) If an urgent communication is needed, the department office will call you via the number you put on the document.

G) The document retrieved from the deaprtment office should be submitted to the University College for the final approval.