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Major Programs

Major Programs


1) English Linguistics


is a discipline that deals with issues related to the past and present appearance and use of English, including its system of sounds and characteristics, vocabulary and sentence structure and meaning. In addition to practical applications such as understanding the English grammar and learning in general, this field focuses on English as the language and reveals the nature and universality of languages. English studies have become an important theoretical foundation and is being studied in connection with many other fields such as literature, philosophy, communication theory, sociology, psychology, and cognitive science.



2) English Literature


has its primary goal to enable for a humanistic education and perspective through reading various works of English literature from different eras and genres. Students can experience the universal value and meaning of literature in British and American literary works and learn various interpretations and criticisms of literary works.



Micro-major Program

(See 'Micro-major Program' tab on the right for more information)


strengthens the convergence of all fields in acquisition of various studies and provides access to other studies with lower completion requirements than the double major or minor system. Currently, the Department of English Language and Literature is running two micro-major programs: ‘English Linguistics’ and ‘English American Critical and Cultural Theory’.


Intensive Major (심화전공)

(See 'Academic Regulations and Procedures => Degree Requirements' tab on the right for more information)

From the class of 2010, a single major with 60+ major credits can be accepted as having completed the Intensive Major. You must apply for the approval via Yonsei Portal. Please email us on more about this major program.