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Notice on personal information processing policy

All personal information handled by Yonsei University's homepage is collected, retained and processed based on relevant statutes.

「The Personal Information Protection Act」provides general standards for the handling of such personal information. In accordance with the provisions of these statutes, Yonsei University will treat the personal information collected, held and processed as appropriate to protect the proper performance of public services and the interests of users.

In addition, Yonsei University respects the user's rights and interests, such as the requirement for access to, correction, deletion and suspension of processing of personal information held in accordance with the relevant statutes. The user may file an administrative judgment against such violation of rights under the Act as provided under the Administrative Appeals Act.

Yonsei University has the following personal information policy to protect the privacy and interests of users and to handle personal information related complaints through 「The Personal Information Protection Act」. If the policy is revised, it will be notified through the website notice (or individual notice).

Article 1 (The Purpose of Personal Information Processing)

Yonsei University website handles personal information for the following purposes. Personal information processed is not used for purposes other than the following purposes, and prior consent will be obtained when the purpose of use is changed.

  • Service and Membership Management on Homepage
  • Service provision such as online assistant, bulletin board, questionnaire, discussion room, club, purpose of self-certification and departmental staff guidance
Article 2 (Personal Information Processing and Retention Period)

In principle, personal information of the user is destroyed without delay when the purpose of processing of personal information is achieved.

Article 3 (Providing third parties of personal information)

Yonsei University, in principle, handles the user's personal information within the scope specified in Article 1 (the purpose of processing personal information), and does not process it beyond the original range or provide it to a third party without prior consent of the user. However, in the following cases, personal information can be processed.

  • when the user has agreed to provide and disclose third parties in advance
  • when provision is required by statute or the like
  • when it is particularly difficult to obtain normal consent for economic or technical reasons as personal information necessary for the fulfillment of contracts on the provision of services
Article 4 (Consignment of Information Processing)

Yonsei University, in principle, does not entrust the processing of personal information to others without the user's consent. If there is a need to commission personal information in the future, we will notify the person to be entrusted, the contents of the consignment work, the period of the consignment, the contents of the consignment contract (compliance with the laws and regulations related to personal information protection, prohibition of providing third party personal information and responsibility). I will also ask for prior consent if necessary.

Article 5 (The rights, duties and methods of the information entity)

The user can exercise the following rights as an information entity.

  • Personal Information Requests : Personal information files held on the website of Yonsei University may be requested to be viewed in accordance with Article 35 (Personal Information Protection Act). If you are requesting to browse your personal information, you may restrict your reading under Article 35 (5) of the Act.
    1. If read is prohibited or restricted by law
    2. If there is a risk of harming someone else's life or body, or of unfairly infringing on someone else's property and other interests
  • Personal Information Correction and Deletion Requests : Personal information files held on the website of Yonsei University may be corrected or deleted in accordance with Article 36 of the Personal Information Protection Act (Revision and deletion of personal information). However, if the personal information is specified as a collection subject in another statute, the deletion can not be requested.
  • Personal information can be viewed, corrected, or deleted in the 'Community' menu on the website of Yonsei University.
Article 6 (Applying Personal Information)

The following are the personal information items and how to collect them for service provision and membership management at Yonsei University website.

  • Personal Information Items Processed by Yonsei University's Homepage
연세대학교 홈페이지가 처리하는 개인정보 항목
file name homepage membership list
retaining basis membership terms and conditions of Yonsei University
possession purpose use services on the homepage such as bulletin board, club, etc.
possession item
  • Yonsei: Student Number, Name, Date of Birth, Email, Alias
  • General: ID, PW, name, nickname, date of birth, cell phone number, virtual identification number, duplicate subscription information
holding department academic intelligence support team
holding period until withdrawal
Article 7 (the destruction of personal information)

In principle, Yonsei University homepage destroys the personal information without delay if the purpose of personal information processing is achieved. However, this is not the case if it is required to be preserved under other laws. The procedures, deadlines and methods of destruction are as follows.

  • destruction procedure

    Information entered by the user is stored for a certain period of time or immediately destroyed in accordance with internal policy and related laws after achieving the purpose.

  • a time of destruction

    The personal information of the user destroys the personal information within 5 days from the end of the holding period when the personal information is not required, such as the purpose of processing the personal information, within 5 days from the date of the personal information processing is deemed unnecessary.

  • destruction method

    Personal information files processed on Yonsei University homepage are recorded in electronic file form, so they are destroyed using technical methods that can not be played back.

Article 8 (Securing the Safety of Personal Information)

Yonsei University is taking technical, administrative and physical measures necessary to secure safety as follows in accordance with Article 29 of the Personal Information Protection Act.

  1. Establishment and Implementation of Internal Management Plan

    Yonsei University's internal management plan and implementation are implemented in accordance with the internal management guidelines of Yonsei University.

  2. Minimization and Education of Personal Information Handling Officers

    We are implementing measures to manage personal information by specifying and minimizing the person in charge of handling personal information.

  3. Restrictions on access to personal information

    We are taking necessary measures to control access to personal information through granting, changing, and erasing access to database systems that process personal information, and we are controlling unauthorized access from outside using intrusion blocking system.

  4. Preventing and forgery of access records

    We have kept and managed records (web logs, summary information, etc.) connected to the personal information processing system for at least six months, and we use security features to prevent forgery, theft, and loss of access records.

  5. Encryption of personal information

    Your personal information is encrypted, stored and managed, and important data is used separately, such as encrypting and using it when saving and transmitting.

  6. Technical Measures against Hacking

    The Yonsei University homepage installs security programs, periodically updates and checks, installs systems in areas where access is controlled from outside, and monitors and blocks technically and physically to prevent personal information leakage and damage caused by hacking or computer viruses. It also detects attempts to control network traffic (Monitoring) as well as illegal information changes.

  7. Access control for unauthorized persons

    We have established and operated access control procedures for the physical storage place of the personal information system that keeps personal information separately.

Article 9 (Personal Information Protection Officer)

In order to protect personal information on Yonsei University homepage and to handle complaints related to personal information, we designate personal information protection officer and practical person as follows. (Personal Information Protection Officer under Article 31 (1) of the Personal Information Protection Act)

Personal information protection officer at Yonsei University homepage

  • Names : Kim Hyo-sung
  • Position : Personal Information Protection Officer
  • Phone : 02-2123-8500
  • E-mail :
Article 10 (Change of Personal Information Processing Policy)

This personal information processing policy applies from the effective date, and if there is additional, deletion and correction of changes according to laws and regulations, we will notify you through announcements 7 days before the implementation of possible changes.

  • Announcement Date : February 8, 2012
  • Date of enforcement : February 8, 2012
Article 11 (the method of remedy for rights violations)

Information subject can apply for dispute resolution or consultation to the Personal Information Dispute Resolution Committee and the Korea Internet Development Agency Personal Information Infringement Report Center in order to receive relief from personal information infringement. In addition, please contact the following organizations for notification and consultation of other personal information infringement.

  1. The Committee on the Arbitration of Personal Information Dispute : (without an area code) 118 (without extension 2)
  2. Information security mark certification committee : 02-580-0533~4 (
  3. High-tech criminal investigation department : 02-3480-2000 (
  4. Police agency cyber terrorism center : 02-392-0330 (