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Today, humankind is facing a polycrisis, where interrelated problems occur simultaneously. Acute problems such as poverty, inequality, war, pandemic, and climate emergencies are erupting. However, there is no desirable solution to these problems, and it is becoming more serious. As can be seen from recent COVID-19, a global infectious disease, we humans are in the same boat.


The accelerated globalization necessitates the general training for professionals with language skills, international knowledge, and a sense of internationalization. At this stage when the importance of interdisciplinary research and education is being stressed, an educational method is needed to ignite cooperation and communication among humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Particularly in light of increasing globalization, any scholarship about this complex phenomenon demands a pluralistic approach and holistic understanding. Appropriately, the Graduate School of Area Studies (GSAS) has developed a joint education system that includes four separate colleges, the College of Humanities, the College of Social Sciences, the College of Business Administration, and the College of Law, as well as the Graduate School of International Studies at Yonsei University.


GSAS was established in 1997 to meet growing demand for area experts in the globalizing world. The GSAS consists of five programs: Chinese Studies, Japanese Studies, Southeast Asian Studies, European Studies, and Russian Studies. The GSAS is an interdisciplinary program in which many relevant fields of study participate such as economics, business administration, political science, sociology, law, language and literature, history and international studies.


<What is Yonsei University’s Area Studies Program?>


1. Newly Established program

Area Studies Program was established in January 1997 to train area experts necessary in the globalized world. Annually, we have 20 masters and 3 PhDs. The 4 specific major areas in the program include Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, Russia and East Europe.


2. Why is it called Interdisciplinary Program?

College of social studies including economics, management, politics, administration, law, sociology and college of liberal arts such as Chinese language and literature, German language and literature, Russian language and literature, history, graduate school of international studies have cooperated to build a program to train area experts. That is why it is called Interdisciplinary Program.


3. It is a graduate school.

At Yonsei University, this program is considered as a graduate school.


4. It is supported by Institute.

Based on its international connections and its 30 years of research achievements, Institute East-West Studies is supporting Area Studies courses and visits to foreign countries.


<Educational Atmosphere>


1. Basis to train area experts Institute

With wide range of international connections, foreign language institute and Institute of East-West Studies, we have educational infrastructure to help you cultivate socioscientific analytical power.


2. Quiet and Pleasant Learning Atmosphere

Millennium Hall is a building equipped with centrally administered air-conditioning and heating system and with joint research lab that can hold 8 people and provides individual internet connections.


3. Various Courses

Students can take courses provided by Area Studies program, college of liberal arts. English instructed classes provided by Graduate School of International Studies and those provided by Ewha Womans University and Sogang University are also available.




Detailed Major and Focus Areas

Northeast Asia(Japan, China), Europe, Southeast Asia, Russia and Central Asia


Prospects and Career Paths after Graduation

Area Studies aims to train students to become area experts who have social scientific analytical ability. Therefore we encourage students to proceed to PhD programs. With the unique characteristic of Area Studies, students can obtain PhD degree not only in Area Studies, but in Politics, Economics and Sociology as well.

As area experts, graduates can also work in domestic or foreign corporations. Since 1999, our students have found jobs in KOTRA, Korea Tourism Organization, Daewoo Japan, LG EDS, LG Chemical, Phillip Morris, SK, and Samsung Electronics.




New students with outstanding grades are offered scholarship in their first semester. Research assistants, teaching assistants, and clerical assistants also receive various types of scholarships.




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Room 217, Yonsei University New Millennium Hall, 50 Yonsei-Ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 03722, Korea