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The Department of Political Science has a total of 19 faculty members, and students can study various subfields in political science including international relations, comparative politics, Korean politics, and political thought.

Internally, the department aims to strengthen academic research capabilities, innovate educational programs, create an advanced educational environment, and establish an organic alumni network; externally, it aims to internationalize education, foster international leaders, and secure a global research network. The Department of Political Science is the only one among all political science graduate programs that hosts the BK21 program supported by the Ministry of Education through which it provides various educational programs and research opportunities to graduate students.


Detailed Major and Focus Areas

International Politics, Comparative Politics, Korean Politics, Political Thought, etc.


Prospects and Career Paths after Graduation

Graduates of the department have gone on to pursue doctoral programs at Korean and overseas universities, or to work in government-funded research institutes, corporations, the media, the government, and the National Assembly. Doctoral graduates have been appointed as professors at domestic and overseas universities, national research institutes, and internal and external research organizations, and are devoting themselves to academic and educational activities.



• Department Office Assistant(OA) Scholarship: undergraduate/graduate assistantship, full tuition.

• Graduate Student Research Assistantship (GSRA) Scholarship: 1 per professor, approximately 2,500,000 won to cover tuition (2022-2)

• Graduate Teaching Assistantships: a set amount within the tuition range

• BK21 Scholarship: Designated/Merit. Amount varies by course/type.

   - Master's program: Over 1,000,000 won per month (2023-1)

   - Doctoral program: 1,600,000 won per month or more (2023-1)

   - Doctoral students: 1,300,000 won per month (2023-1)

• TA scholarships: fixed amount within the tuition range, irregularly selected

• Other (quasi-) scholarships: Participate in professors' external research projects and receive research grants (subject to taxation)



Tel  : +82-2-2123-2940 / E-mail :



Room 216, Yonsei University Yonhee Hall, 50 Yonsei-Ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 03722, Korea.